FAQ & Guidelines

The most frequently asked questions before and after treatment, as well as answers about traveling to Turkey, are provided below. To learn more, get in touch with us.

For patients who need a second medical opinion, we arrange free online consultations with doctors so that any unanswered questions may be clarified, they can get to know the doctor better, and they can obtain all the information they need regarding the treatment directly from the source.

By using the contact form or WhatsApp, you can make a request for a visa appointment.

We provide you with Turkey/Antalya's top medical professionals.

You may be able to cut the cost of your medical care by up to 50%, depending on the type of surgery.

Depending on your preferences, we provide a wide choice of lodging options, from pensions to 4 to 5 star hotels.

No. Compared to the level of care offered in European hospitals, the standards of the hospitals now on our roster and the medical services are substantially higher.

Due to the better quality of medical care and hospital facilities compared to other locations. It is also one of the nations where you may receive the best value for your non-medical expenses, such as lodging and recreation, given the current exchange rates.

You can have combined surgery, of course.

We assume you don't want to undergo medical treatment alone, so you are welcome to bring along family members. We will also gladly prepare suitable lodging options and any other services you may require. While our medical assistant attends to your needs during treatment, your family members can explore Istanbul's historical sites by choosing one of our tours, and you can join them once your treatment is complete.

The hospital professionals on duty will be by your side throughout your treatment and help you anytime you need interpreting or a transfer. In addition to the services already offered, you may request extra services in accordance with the requirements of your family members who are attending your treatment with you.

When your doctor gives you the all-clear to travel, you can take a flight back.

Regular patient follow-up is carried out after your treatment, both here in this nation and when you return, and we act as a conduit for communication between the patient and the doctor.


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