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#Patient 1

Bariatric surgery journey from UK to Turkey

I had a terrific experience here, and everyone from the hotel to the hospital was really kind. I started at 290 pounds, and now weigh 140 pounds. I am maintaining that 150-pound weight loss by continuing to follow the plan provided to me by AestheVerse. I'm aware that many people worry about their English, but since everyone here speaks English, I had no problems. My physician and the entire AestheVerse staff were amazing and went above and beyond what I expected. 😍 The facility is gorgeous and up to date, and they are dedicated about your safety. ❤️

bariatric surgery before after
#Patient 2

My obesity surgery journey in Turkey

I found it impossible to keep to any workout and nutrition plan, so I started exploring for more long-term solutions to fit my lifestyle. This prompted me to do some study on weight loss, and after discovering how expensive bariatric surgery is in my home country, I decided to go to Turkey. With this choice, I was quite certain, and I have no regrets. My vigor has returned, and I no longer feel shy around strangers or in social situations. 🙌🏻❤️ Since I'm on a diet and don't want to ruin it, I don't worry about what I eat or drink. 🤞🏼

bariatric surgery before after
#Patient 3

My gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey

Because of my blood pressure and diabetic medicines, I was overweight. My health was becoming worse and my weight was rising. I was also descending into a severe depression. I then began reading about weight loss surgery. My husband encouraged me to speak with AestheVerse. We devised a plan for the procedure that would forever alter my life. I lost 95 pounds over the course of a year. This straightforward procedure has made it easier for me to spread the word to more people about how successful it can be when you are serious about changing your lifestyle.

gastric sleeve surgery in turkey before after
#Patient 4

My successful tummy tuck surgery in Turkey

I developed severe stretch marks and skin damage when I had my baby. I never took a shower with my husband or any other partner because I was so insecure. I would never consider going naked in public. I would rarely take my kids to the pool because I felt too self-conscious to wear a bathing suit. I decided that I should not have a tummy tuck surgery. I've never made a better choice than this one! I've never felt more self-assured in my life! My personal life has significantly improved, and I feel beautiful. I want to express my gratitude for the fantastic work you did. My life has been changed by you. 🥰

tummy tuck surgery in turkey before after
#Patient 5

My gorgeous breast implants from Turkey

They're the best thing that happened in 2022 😂 Because they look exactly how I always imagined them to, and I finally feel like my body is proportionate! 😍 To the entire team: I love you forever. ❤️

breast lift surgery before after
#Patient 6

I love my new boobs

Since having my breast augmentation implants placed by you and your staff, I feel so good and confident. Nearly two months have passed, and I still feel so happy with them. I genuinely believe that my appearance matches the ideal I've always had of myself. Thank you so much; you did a fantastic job. 🙌🏻❤️

breast implant before after
#Patient 7

I'm happy to breast augmentation in Turkey

There are many opportunities in Turkey. Three days prior to the surgery, I traveled to Antalya and had a wonderful vacation. My hotel, the transfer, and the entire team were excellent. Nearly five months have passed since my surgery. In June of last year, I had my boobs done, and I'm still in love! 😍

breast augmentation before after
#Patient 8

4 weeks after Liposuction and BBL surgery

It has changed my life, and I had a butt lift and liposuction 360 almost eight weeks ago. I'm happy with the results so far; prior to the procedure, my butt was flat and square-shaped; now, it has natural-looking curves. ❤️ I used to work out frequently, but I was unable to lose my love handles or see any volume added to my butt. Now, I feel a lot more assured. 🙌🏻

butt lift before after
#Patient 9

Thank you for being life changing

I've never been happier. I was incredibly pleased with my outcomes. I was confident that I would pick AestheVerse once more if I ever needed to get any other work done. I returned thirteen years later. Exactly one year has passed since getting a Tummy Tuck and Liposuction in Turkey. I feel fantastic, secure, and utterly satisfied. By today's standards, I think I have the ideal body, and I've never felt more self-assured!

tummy tuck before after
#Patient 10

My breast lift adventure in Turkey

My entire mindset has changed, in addition to how my body has changed. 😀 I feel fantastic two months after surgery. One of my best choices ever was to have the breast lift procedure in Turkey. I'm so happy with my outcomes! 😍🥰

breast lift before after

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